The 4 Types of Dental Implants in Adelaide You Can Choose From

Losing a tooth or teeth can have an impact both on your physical and mental well-being. Losing your teeth can detrimentally affect your appearance. Putting on a dental implant has to come with careful decision-making. You have to choose the correct full mouth dental implants to replace your missing teeth. Having the right dental implant helps you chew food and brush your teeth better. Thus, an implant is the key to minimizing mouth discomfort. Below are the four types of implants you can choose from:

  1. Two-stage Dental Implant 

Surgery is necessary to put a two-stage dental implant onto the jaw bone. The mouth needs to heal for a few months after giving such a procedure. Afterward, you go back to the dentist’s clinic for another minimal surgery and expose the two-stage full mouth dental implants. After this procedure, the dental expert attaches the implant abutment and temporary crown or restoration.

  1. Endosteal/Endosseous Dental Implant 

This dental implant is attached to the jaw bone during the mentioned two-stage treatment procedure. Endosteal/endosseous full mouth dental implants generally replace bridges or dentures.

  1. Single-Stage Dental Implant 

A single-stage implant is associated with attaching a longer implant onto the jaw and gum. Such a procedure is paramount to equipping the top of the dental implants in Adelaide to gain external exposure. After this procedure, allow for several months for the mouth to heal.

After healing, put the abutment and restoration directly over to the implant. Do this procedure without having to expose the dental implants all over again surgically.

  1. Subperiosteal Dental Implant 

This dental implant is in the jaw bone. In turn, the metal post gains exposure to keep the restoration stable. Subperiosteal all on 4 dental implants are usually on during the single-stage treatment procedure.

You and other patients are encouraged to set up appointments at the dentist’s clinic to assess the feasibility of the need for a dental implant. Showing up at your work leads to the determination of the right kind of dental implant that would benefit your oral health.

A dental implant is a revolutionized source of replacement for natural teeth. Dentures are usually joint replacements for missing teeth. So, many people may not be familiar with a dental implant, even in this time and age. Get more information about a dental implant and its effects on your oral health. Talk to a dental expert as soon as possible.


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